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Becky Tredget – Costume Designer – movieScope

Becky Tredget – Costume Designer


Becky Tredget is a trainee costume designer who has worked on several short films including Ten Glorious Seconds, Deerfall and Torment, along with Dustin Hoffman’s forthcoming Quartet (which she became involved with through Skillset’s Trainee Placement Scheme). She is currently working on Jadoo, director Amit Gupta’s follow-up to Resistance.

What training have you received?
I studied at London College of Fashion, University of the Arts and received a BA (Hons) in Costume for Performance, training in period costume construction and design. I am now a Skillset Costume Film Trainee and have worked within the costume departments of Dustin Hoffman’s film Quartet and the currently shooting film Jadoo.

What kinds of projects attract you?
I have a strong passion for period and fantasy costume, films that encompass historic events or adaptations of literary works. Elaborate costume designs, such as the creations seen in Tim Burton’s films, also attract me.


What’s the best advice you have been given as a costumier?
The harder you work the luckier you become.

Tell us about the most significant moment in your career so far.
On the last day of shooting Quartet, I was waiting to speak to the costume designer who was conversing with Dustin Hoffman. As he was listening, Hoffman turned to me and promptly offered me a crudité from his lunch box! I never thought as a trainee I would be munching on carrot sticks with the legendary Mr Hoffman.

You will die happy when…
When I get to be a fully-fledged costume designer and Tim Burton rings me and says, ‘Will you design the costumes for my next feature?’ I would be a very happy girl indeed.

You can discover more of Rebecca’s work at www.costumesbyrebeccatredget.co.uk, and learn more about Skillset’s Trainee Placement Scheme in movieScope’s forthcoming May/June issue.

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