– . – Involuntary



Director Ruben Östlund Screenplay Ruben Ostlund, Erik Hemmendorff Stars Villmar Björkman, Leif Edlund, Sara Eriksson Opens October 8

Playing out like a documentary, Ruben Östlund’s low-key suburban drama Involuntary presents a thought-provoking look at modern Swedish life. As five different subjects deal with potentially explosive situations—a dinner party host refuses to accept help when injured by a firework; a teacher is torn when she witnesses a colleague’s violence towards a pupil; a coachload of passengers witness the rage of their driver; two provocative pre-teens dabble dangerously with alcohol—so we bear witness to ordinary humans faced with extreme social dilemmas, and the power of peer pressure to dictate our behaviour. And while all of its nuances may be lost on those unfamiliar with the country and its customs, with its naturalistic performances, intimate camerawork and understated direction, it’s still an intriguing snapshot of Sweden. 3 stars

Adrienne Curtis