iphone apps for filmmakers issue 19

– . – iPhone apps for Filmmakers: issue 19


iPhone apps for Filmmakers: issue 19

With Apple’s iPhone and iPad changing the face of mobile technology, we profile the latest apps for filmmakers. This issue includes the best screenwriting app to date, plus a pocket call sheet that will organise your shoot.

Celtx Script (Screenwriting)
Despite being great for getting ideas down when inspiration strikes while on the move, iPhones have never been the ideal solution for writing screenplays. The iPad’s increased screen size and keyboard makes it a more viable solution, but ideally you need something that will sync with your desktop computer for easier input and back-up. Celtx Script could be the answer. It offers a fully-featured screenwriting app, including an element toolbar for entering character dialogue etc. This is a universal app designed to work with both iPhone and iPad, but its redeeming feature is its ability to sync with the free Celtx desktop software using the Desktop Sync function. Requires: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Price: £5.99 / $9.99 www.celtx.com

Pocket Call Sheet (Production)
Call sheets are vital for the smooth running of any shoot. You can create your own on a computer using a spreadsheet or use dedicated (and often expensive) software, but with so many other apps available to help your shoot, it makes sense to have your call sheet on your iPhone/iPad. This app utilises contacts in your address book, which can be synced from your computer—so make sure it is up to date. There are a comprehensive number of fields in which to enter all the relevant data, although you will have to do this on your phone, which is the only downside to the app. It is very intuitive and easy to use, however. Once all the relevant info is entered, the app emails a standard looking call sheet to everyone on the list (in BCC), which can then be printed out if need be. A smart solution at a great price. Requires: iPhone, iPod Touch with iOS 4 Price: $5.99 / £3.99 www.snakebytestudio.com/

Flaneur Film Festival (Entertainment)
One of the big promises of the iPhone and iPod Touch was the ability to watch movies on the go. Hollywood blockbusters were never meant to be seen on little screens, but shorts are ideal. Instead of streaming films from YouTube, the Flaneur, which describes itself as an ‘independent art and culture newspaper’, has collected four award-winning shorts to make a mini film festival in a single, free app. The movies are: Cockles and Mussels by Leonora Lonsdale, which shows that age is no barrier when it comes to amorous provocation; An Ounce of Mother, shot on two mobile phones by Jennifer Howd and Ross Mihalko; Summerflies, shot on an iPhone by Jason Robinson; and Red Letter by Edilberto Restino, a thriller about a young German trying to assassinate Hitler. Requires: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad iOS 3.1.3 Price: Free www.flaneur.me.uk/film-festival

Steadicam Smoothee™ (Hardware)
With the arrival of the iPhone 4 and its HD video capabilities, Apple’s multifunction device is quickly becoming a popular platform for shooting short films. One of the biggest problems with using pocket devices for professional looking results is finding a way to hold and keep them stable. Steadicam, the company whose name has become synonymous with camera stabilisers, have designed the Steadicam Smoothee™, a tool based on the same technology as their pro rigs, to offer a compact, lightweight solution for smooth, stable shots. The lightweight, hand-held rig’s quick-release mount for the iPhone works as a desktop stand and can also be used on a tripod with a standard thread mount. The Smoothee will also work with other similar phones and cameras, such as Flip Mino or the Motorola DROID. No final release date or price announced. Requires: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4 or similar. Price: TBC www.tiffen.com/smoothee_home.html

Filmfest App (Entertainment)
There are thousands of film festivals happening around the world every year and an increasing number of them are relying on apps to promote their programme schedules. Some of the richer festivals produce their own dedicated apps, but there are many small ones that run on almost no money and can’t afford such luxuries. Filmfest App addresses this problem by offering a single app solution. Festival organisers adjust their existing online content using some XML code and a linking button. The festival visitor installs the Filmfest App on the iPhone or iPod Touch, visits the festival’s website using Safari on their device, clicks the ‘Download to your iPhone’ button, and all the information feeds in. A simple solution for small festivals and visitors. Requires: iPhone, iPod Touch,
iPad iOS 3 Price: Free www.filmfestapp.com