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Kristen Baker – One To Watch


Kristen Baker is an independent filmmaker who graduated from the University of Central Florida’s School of Film and Digital Media. Her short film Monsieur Tall & Stella was successful on the festival circuit in 2008, and most recently she produced the micro-budget indie featureThe Miseducation of Simon Kraus.

What kind of projects attract you?
I think a filmmaker is first and foremost a storyteller; whether told through documentary or narrative film, it’s the story that must be compelling. I find myself drawn to projects that develop interesting characters that can evoke a reaction from an audience, and stories that are told from unusual viewpoints or give voice to someone that might not otherwise be heard.

You can produce the film of your dreams. What and who would that entail?
I’ve been fortunate to find myself working with a very talented group of indie filmmakers. My ideal project would be one that allows that group to continue working together, with more resources behind the project and bigger tools at our disposal.

What’s the best advice you’ve been given as a producer?
I’ve been told—and I believe it to be true—that one of the most important things to remember is to just show up and try it. Make the phone call, send that email, and don’t be afraid to just ask for what it is you’re looking for. There’s nothing to lose, only gains to be made. I think sometimes people underestimate how important it is to just show up, looking ready to work.

Tell us the most significant moment in your career so far.
I enjoyed sending my 2008 short film Monsieur Tall & Stella around the festival circuit. It was a great experience, knowing the project had a life outside of the editing room. I’m also really excited by The Miseducation of Simon Kraus. It’s a film I’m proud to have been a part of; a lot of incredible people have put their blood, sweat and tears into that project, and I believe it reflects that dedication in the finished cut of the film.

You’ll die happy when…
I’ve been able to make a living doing what I love.