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Nordic genre films to invade Cannes – movieScope

Nordic genre films to invade Cannes

The Nordic Genre Invasion is a conglomerate of six film producers from Nordic countries, combining their slate of groundbreaking new genre films to their office at Cannes Film Market, as well as hosting parties in the very heart of Cannes Film Festival.

Producer Tero Kaukomaa of Blind Spot Pictures from Finland and Kjetil Omberg of Tappeluft Pictures from Norway are the primary force of the Nordic Genre Invasion. Their slates include Iron Sky: The Coming Race, a sequel to Nazi Moon science-fictioner Iron Sky, and a submarine horror film Deadrise, the sequel to Nazi Zombie actioner Dead Snow, directed by Tommy Wirkola (Hansel & Gretel: The Witch Hunters).

Other partners in the Invasion are Fisher King Production from Finland with a supernatural TV-series and feature film Nymphs, and LittleBig Productions from Sweden with happy horror comedy American Burger and sci-fi Capsulae 1.250.000. Iron Sky co-producer 27 Films Productions is also joining with a TV series, based on the Iron Sky franchise, titled Iron Sky: Houston, We Have A Problem and the D.H. Lawrence novel adaptation THE FOX, directed by German helmer Matthias Luthardt (PING PONG) starring Hannah Herzsprung, Frederick Lau and Agat Buzek. The Finnish visual effects powerhouse Troll Vfx, who did VFX for Iron Sky, Nymphs and are in talks to do the VFX for Dead Snow 2, are also presenting their showreel and introducing their services to filmmakers around the world.

Nordic Genre Invasion takes place at their office at 24 Boulevard de la Croisette. The producers are opening their schedules for meetings, which can be booked at