creative skillset announces 132000 funding for visual effects

Creative Skillset announces £132,000 funding for visual effects –

Two funds have been made available to support the VFX industry, and a further one to support the development of Wardrobe Supervisors. 

Up to £52,000 is available for an experienced organisation or freelancer to develop National Occupational Standards and qualifications in VFX, with a further £50,000 available for an organisation to develop a library of VFX careers information. 

The two funds have been developed in response to the publication of the Next Gen review by Ian Livingstone and Alex Hope, commissioned by Government following concerns the UK could lose its cutting edge in a competitive global market. 

In addition to the two VFX funds, organisations can now apply for up to £30,000 from the Skillset Craft and Technical Skills Academy to deliver Wardrobe Supervisor training for those working in costume and wardrobe.

With an expected increase in production levels in 2013/14, the scheme aims to ensure that the UK will be able to service domestic and incoming productions with highly skilled Wardrobe Supervisors, an area which was identified by the industry as needing support.