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Navigating the world of screenwriting contests – movieScope

Ehren Kruger (L), Susannah Grant (M) and Matt Petit ©A.M.P.A.S. Every day, thousands of unproduced writers are struggling to get their work to stand ou

Screenwriting: The Importance of Managers – movieScope

Diablo Cody’s manager played a crucial role in bringing her debut screenplay for Juno (above) to the screen Screenwriting expert Danny Munso explains why

Screenwriting: Has the Spec Script Returned? – movieScope

The upcoming White House Down is an example of a successful spec script Screenwriting expert Danny Munso examines the current state of the spec script ma

The Creative Conundrum – Balancing the Art and Business of Screenwriting – |

Creative Screenwriting Magazine’s Danny Munso explores the relationship between creativity and marketability in the scriptwriting process. Tweet

Make Your Writing Pay – Turn the current financial turmoil to your advantage. – |

** This article first appeared in movieScope, issue 19 ** This autumn, as sellers set off to MIP in Cannes and the book fair in Frankfurt, we are all lo

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Sightseers’ Alice Lowe On Writing Strong Female Characters – movieScope

For our Women in Film issue, Sightseers co-writer and star Alice Lowe discusses the importance of creating strong female characters.

Christopher Hampton – Screenwriting as Therapy – movieScope

Oscar-winning screenwriter Christopher Hampton tells us how he turned the story of psychoanalysis into the beautiful, moving drama A Dangerous Method.