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Desktop/ Mobile Productivity Tools from Just Mobile



Just Mobile have added to their range of mobile accessories with the the launch of the Just Mobile AluPen Twist and HoverPad.

AluPen-1Priced at £34.95, the AluPen Twist™ is a dual-function stylus for smartphones and tablets. Twisting the textured ABS plastic end of the stylus reveals a conductive rubber nib for pin-sharp control of smartphone and tablet screens while on the opposite aluminium end, a similar twist of the stylus reveals a high-quality ballpoint pen for ‘traditional’ writing. The AluPen Twist™ stylus is compatible with all capacitive-screen smartphones and tablets.


With a textured finish and smooth bevelled edges, Just Mobile’s stylish new HoverPad™ redefines the everyday mouse mat for the 21st Century. With a surface specially coated for optical mouse precision, HoverPad™ delivers unrivalled smoothness thanks to its durable build, washable finish and non-slip backing. Priced at £26.95, the HoverPad™ makes for a practical addition to any desk or workspace.