EFM Industry Debates 2014 – movieScope

EFM Industry Debates 2014

Talks on Recent Artistic Forms of Documentaries, Experiences of Renowned Producers, New Sales Strategies in Asia, and Changing Mediascapes in the Age of Digitisation

In 2014, the EFM Industry Debates will again discuss topical issues related to the film and media industry. These issues have to do with the situation of documentaries and how they are changing artistically; with successful producers, the industry’s unsung heroes, and their insights into their experiences; and with new sales opportunities for European cinema in Asia, where the market for films is growing. An additional fourth panel will focus on the radical changes caused by technological advances, and their impact on media content and platforms, as well as the resulting new business models for the film and media industry.

This international trade event with high-profile industry experts is being presented for the third time by IFA, the official partner of the EFM Industry Debates, together with the Film- and Medienstiftung NRW. The four-part discussion series (in the Gropius Mirror Restaurant: Friday through Sunday, February 7 to 9, from 4.30 to 5.30 pm; and Monday, February 10, from 3.30 to 5.00 pm) is being organized in collaboration with the trade journals Screen International, The Hollywood Reporter and Variety.

Friday, February 7, 4.30 – 5.30 pm:
The Act (and Art) of the Doc
In cooperation with The Hollywood Reporter

Documentary and non-fiction filmmaking is at a crossroads. While television broadcasters scale back their doc budgets, cinematic documentaries continue to enjoy critical and commercial success. While the audience for excellent non-fiction is out there, bridging the financial gap between idea and finished film has never been more difficult. Artistically, however, documentaries have arguably never been stronger. New docs – from the Oscar-nominated The Act of Killing to the ambitious 3-D project Cathedrals of Culture – are pushing the artistic limits of the non-fiction form, escaping the documentary niche and appealing to a wider audience. The panellists are: Producer Andre Singer, whose credits include Oscar-nominee The Act of Killing ane Werner Herzog’s Into the Abyss; German director Marc Bauder, director of award-winning doc The System and new docudrama Master of the Universe and Anaїs Clanet of Widehouse, a French sales outfit specializing in documentary films. The discussion will be hosted by Scott Roxborough (The Hollywood Reporter).

Saturday, February 8, 4.30 – 5.30 pm:
Producers’ Lessons Learned
In cooperation with Screen International

Producers, quite simply, are the unsung heroes who get films made. We talk to some of the top producers working across the globe today about the secrets to their successes, and the lessons they have learned from the bumps along the way. Hear practical advice about navigating finance, packaging, creative differences and on-set dramas from these producers still active on the frontlines of filmmaking. Get the experts’ first-hand advice that every up-and-coming producer should hear – as well as guidance on how producers can best work with directors, actors, financiers, sales companies, festivals and distributors.

The panellists are: Producer Andre Singer, whose credits include Oscar-nominee The Act of Killing and Werner Herzog’s Into The Abyss; German director Marc Bauder, director of award-winning doc The System and new docudrama Master of the Universe and Anaїs Clanet of Widehouse, a French sales outfit specializing in documentary films. The discussion will be hosted by Scott Roxborough (The Hollywood Reporter).

The discussion will be hosted by Wendy Mitchell, editor of Screen International.

Sunday, February 9, 4.30 to 5.30 pm:
New Film Sales Opportunities in Fast-Moving Asia
In cooperation with Variety

Asia’s theatrical markets are growing. But the key to unlocking film sales potential in the region is understanding that the region is very far from homogenous: China led the way last year with 28% growth at the box office. While China maintains import controls, it also offers significant new opportunities through video and TV sales. Its copyright protection regime is also improving. South Korea saw film imports leap by 50% in 2013, while local films squeezed Hollywood.

Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia are being galvanized by cinema building. But what do audiences want to watch?

This seminar will not only look at the sales and distribution strategies for exporting film to Asia, it will also look at the diverse strategies required.

The discussion will be hosted by Patrick Frater (Variety).

Monday, February 10, 3.30 to 5.00 pm:
The Changing Market

Content everywhere, anytime and on every device is finally a reality; due to technical progress, we see radical changes in media content and platforms. The number of TV stations and online platforms is increasing, creating demand for both original and acquired content. The traditional roles and definitions of media categories are eroding, the fragmentation of content and media continues, media are merging, high profile Hollywood film directors and talent start producing TV and online content without hesitation. The traditional value chain is outdated: TV series find their way into film festivals, online content is sold on global TV markets, live events are screened in cinemas worldwide, premieres become online events. The film industry is questioning their business models and is chasing the constantly changing market conditions and consumer needs, in order to secure its sustainability.

The EFM is adapting to the changing market situation too: this panel consists of major game changers and key industry leaders who will openly discuss their current challenges, present trends, innovations and non-traditional business strategies in the film and TV industry.

The panellists are: Nico Hofmann (producer, Generation WarThe Physician),Mark Johnson (producer, Breaking Bad),Melissa Keeping (chair and co-founder, Event Cinema Association), Chris Rice (agent, WME), Christina Rogers (head of international and US broadcast sales, Magnolia Pictures), Stefan Schulz (CEO, Watchever).

The discussion will be hosted by Michele Ohayon.

After registering online, admission to the EFM Industry Debates is free for EFM participants and accredited Festival guests.

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