Filmscape launches new film finance initiative – |

Managing director of Filmscape Kevin Harvey said: “Given the current climate we feel the time is right to offer this facility to independent productions, giving both the production and our company the competitive edge. At Filmscape we have invested multi-millions into our camera infrastructure and see independent UK feature films as a real growth opportunity.”

Filmscape has also joined forces with leading post production house LipSync, the equity investment company who has recently invested in titles like Lay the Favourite and the forthcoming Byzantium and Great Expectations.

The deal will see the two companies investing in projects together, with administration being funnelled through one source.

Financial Director of LipSync Norman Merry said: “We are pleased to work with Filmscape on this attractive offering – it not only helps productions to secure their budget, but also provides valuable expertise inproduction equipment and post-production options,” said.