final draft mobile app hits development delay

– . – Final Draft mobile app hits development delay

Final Draft mobile app hits development delay

Final Draft Inc today announced that their eagerly anticipated app for mobile platforms like the iPad, has hit an indefinite delay. Current Final Draft customers may well be frustrated with this announcement considering the wide availability of competing applications (most notably the excellent CELTX) already on the market.

The full announcement from Final Draft Inc follows below.


“In order to integrate with future Final Draft products, we’ve redefined the development roadmap of our Final Draft Mobile app. As a result, the app will be released at a later date.

The Final Draft Mobile app for iOS will augment the overall Final Draft user experience, providing our community a seamless creative work flow between the Final Draft desktop client, Final Draft Mobile, and future Final Draft services.

This strategic change in the product’s development will ensure that the Final Draft Mobile app can evolve in a way that will integrate with future Final Draft services and products, such as Final Draft Connect online services, which will provide storage, sharing, versioning and real–time collaboration.

We as a company understand that Final Draft Mobile is highly anticipated, but we know that it is just as important to carefully consider what gets to market as when.”