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With unprecedented access into the highly secretive Communist state, Anna absorbs insights and guidance from industry insiders right at the heart of DPRK’s movie machine, emerging to make her very own short film according to exact principles dictated by the late “Dear Leader”, Kim Jong Il, who himself exec-produced nearly 1900 titles and gave “on the spot creative guidance” on nearly 11,900 films.

Produced by Lizzette Atkins of Unicorn Films, Aim High in Creation is financed through Screen Australia, Film Victoria, the MIFF Premiere Fund with an Australian theatrical release to be scheduled through Antidote Films.

“Uniquely daring on just about every level, Aim High in Creation takes us on an extraordinary sideways journey into one of the most hermetically sealed, headline-grabbing nations on the planet,” said High Point’s Director of Acquisitions, Piers Nightingale. “We’re always on the look out for striking originality, so we’re thrilled to be working with the highly talented Anna and Lizzette on this remarkable film,” he added.

Lizzette Atkins said the film was full of ‘lost in translation’ moments, describing Aim High in Creation as a revolutionary comedy about propaganda, which, at its heart it is a deeply moving story about the humanity that binds us together across cultures and ideology.




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