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Lisa Gornick (writing)

Lisa Gornick has written, directed and acted in two features: Do I Love You? (2003) and Tick Tock Lullaby (2007).

What training have you received?
I feel I learn all the time, more by doing and being with other people. It’s also good to watch film and television and either not like it and wonder why, or love it and unpick why. I have done some formal training too; I went to Bristol University’s Film and Television Postgraduate Diploma Course, where I got a grounding in all sides of film production. I find the more I know about the filmmaking process the more intrigued I am to write for the screen. So far I’ve tended to write knowing that I will direct the script. I think this makes me less formal in my screenwriting format and style, experimenting with how a screenplay looks and how it gets onto the page.


What themes do you like to explore in your work?
My immediate response to this is opening up to one’s truth, exploring that truth and, ultimately, not being scared to express it. My urge to write is to try and find out what we hide. My first two features are about relationships, and the mire and doubt we can get into. I tend towards the wry tone as I can’t take things too seriously, but perhaps would now like to go for pure drama. Women have always been my protagonists; now I’m intrigued by men.

What’s the best advice you’ve been given as a writer?
I’m always on the look out for good advice, but I’ve begun to trust myself more. The advice that I keep returning to is write, keep writing, finish it, allow yourself to fail, don’t get hurt by rejection or bitter criticism, try not to read bitter criticism and play a lot!

Most significant moment in your career so far?
The first huge laugh from the audience when Do I Love You? premiered at the BFI Southbank in London. I was sitting next to a woman who slept through the film, but the rest of the audience was fantastic. At the Q and A afterwards the cast and crew just made me love the experience we had all gone through.

You’ll die happy when…
A film I make inspires at least one person to stop using violence as a means of finding their inner truth.




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