iphone apps for filmmakers issue 16

– . – iPhone apps for Filmmakers: issue 16

iPhone apps for Filmmakers: issue 16



The recent launch of Apple’s iPad has opened the way for iPhone and iPod touch app developers to reach a whole new audience of consumers. Here we look at another crop of the best productivity apps developed with filmmakers in mind. All are available from the Apple App Store.


iPhone Camera Mount


Arizona based US startup OWLE (pronounced ‘owley’), have taken the iPhone phenomenon to a new level by designing a deceptively simple accessory which turns a humble cell phone into a tripod-mountable camcorder. Made from anodised aluminium, the OWLE Bubo’s solid design offers iPhone 3GS owners a well constructed, highly useable, two handed camera mount for increased stability when shooting video. The current release of the OWLE ships with a host of accessories, including a high quality 37mm wide-angle lens, 3.5mm front facing Vericorder mini microphone and universal ‘Coldshoe’ mounts for lighting accessories such as the SIMA

Requires iPhone 3GS Price £79.95/$129.95
Available in the UK from The Screenwriter’s
Store: 0845 094 6061

Script Formatting

ScriptWrite version 1.0 offers screenwriters an easy to use, intuitive application with which to write a quick scene or entire screenplay on the go. All the app’s functions are accessed from one toolbar, so you can keep writing without having to worry about leaving the page.

ScriptWrite boasts a full screen mode with font size control, an accurate page count, landscape or portrait orientation and a handy ‘export to email’ facility to allow import into Celtx, Final Draft or other popular screenwriting and story development applications. You can even make use of the iPhone’s new Cut/Paste and Autocomplete functionality for increased workflow performance. Planned (free) updates to version 1.1 will include Auto Character Recognition, Auto Element Advance, plus export to PDF and an import function from other script formatters.

Requires iPhone with OS2.0 or later or iPod
touch. Price £2.99/ $4.99

SuperIndex Cards
Index Cards

Writers have for years relied on the simplicity and flexibility of multi-coloured index cards as a way of organising their ideas and text. Indeed, many of the dedicated script formatting applications currently on the market contain at least some form of index card facility, so it should come as no surprise that a dedicated app for the iPhone was sure to follow. Enter Index Cards. Designed by a working screenwriter, Super Index Cards allows you to create, edit, shuffle, and change the colours of cards anywhere inspiration strikes. And when you’re done, just hit the Publish button and a beautifully formatted word processing document is immediately sent to any email account for further editing, or backed up to a free server account.
Requires iPhone with OS3.0 or later.

Price £2.99/ $4.99


Director’s Viewfinder

Designed with both cinematographers an directors in mind, Artemis works in much the same way as a traditional director’s viewfinder, though much more accurately and much more conveniently. Produced by UK outfit Chemical Wedding, Artemis is very straightforward to use. Quite simply, select a camera format you’d like to use from the 10 currently listed (Super 16mm, 35mm Anamorphic, 35mm Digital, the Canon 5D etc.), an aspect ratio and lens type, and Artemis will simulate the lens views you can expect when you come to shoot. Artemis can either compare all the lenses on offer, or zoom to fill the viewfinder with the equivalent view of a particular lens you’ve chosen. You can also line up your shot and save the image to your photo library complete with GPS position and basic shot data, ready for export to storyboard apps like Hitchcock. Requires iPhone with OS3.1 or later.

Price £17.99/ $29.99


Video Editing

While the iPhone 3GS offers a capable 3 megapixel camera to capture and share VGA quality video at 30 fps, its default video editing capabilities are not strong enough to replace either iMovie or Windows MovieMaker. Enter ReelDirector from Nexvio. ReelDirector makes it simple for everyone to create and edit a movie on their iPhone 3GS. Offering a drag-and-drop timeline, multiple text watermark styles and an easy to navigate interface, ReelDirector can turn your scattered video clips into published movies, complete with 10 different kinds of pro-grade transitions including Cross Dissolve, Fade Through and Blur Fade. And once you’ve finished your mini-masterpiece and rendered it on your iPhone, you can share the edited video via email or save your project using the Camera Roll feature. VoiceOver support and the ability to add multiple audio soundtracks now included.
Requires Compatible iPhone 3GS with OS3.0 or
later Price £4.99/$8.





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