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Just Mobile Gum Max Duo


As iPhones and iPads become more and more a vital and integral part of every filmmaker’s kit, with its plethora of apps, and ability to even serve as principal camera on occasions, there is nothing worse than being on location and having the battery die. Unlike normal cameras, you can’t carry spare batteries and swap them out, and finding a spare power socket is not always convenient. However, Taiwanese electronics company Just Mobile have addressed that problem with their Gum Max Duo. This is a solid brick of a battery that resembles a portable hard drive. The sturdy aluminium case comes with black rubber protective sleeve (with optional primary-coloured ones available). The 11200mAh capacity battery has enough juice to give up to an extra seven hours of iPad use. The Duo designation comes from the two USB2 ports that will allow you to charge an iPhone and iPad at the same time. There are a bunch of LEDs to show the charging level.

gummax_13The Gum Max Duo comes with a single USB charging cable, but no plug or cables for your iOS device. Having spare charging cables is always a good idea, and third-party Lightning cables can be picked up cheaply online from places such as eBay, Amazon or 7dayshop.com, as can USB plugs.

At €120, it is not cheap, but preventing your £500 iPhone or iPad from dying while you’re in the field makes it invaluable.

Visit the Just Mobile website to see their full range of accessories for all your Apple devices and to buy the Gum Max Duo.