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Media Mobile Manager – The Changing Face of Film Marketing –

Media Mobile Manager – The Changing Face of Film Marketing

AppQuartz CMO Reda Djamil explains how their Media Mobile Manager is changing the face of traditional marketing and presentation techniques.

Every year, thousands of film industry professionals head to the endlessly busy and increasingly competitive film markets around the world, including Berlin, Cannes and AFM, hoping to share their latest project with fellow professionals.

Producers and rights owners can now use a groundbreaking new alternative to traditional marketing and presentation; Media Mobile Manager (M³), a cloud-based cross-platform media management, distribution and marketplace solution from French-based company AppQuartz.

“Media Mobile Manager is the first online and mobile promotional platform for film professionals,” explains AppQuartz CMO Reda Djamil. “That’s important to us, because our aim is just to provide for this niche—only sales agents, distributors and producers.”

Designed to specifically answer the sales needs of media rights owners, M³ is designed for film sales, promotion and acquisitions, and enables users to create and manage a single catalogue of audiovisual content.

“We started this project in early 2011 for the Cannes Film Festival,” continues Reda. “Our first customer was the French distributor EuropaCorp, which is owned by Luc Besson. During our early discussions with EuropaCorp, we realised they needed a solution which is specifically catered for business to business film professionals. Markets have more and more visitors and fewer and fewer exhibitors, so we wanted to create an online marketplace for distributors to meet buyers remotely.”

Available through the AppStore, and Google Play for Android devices, M³ is made-up of three integrated parts: a secure, cloud-based administrative platform for content uploads and playlist management; an online screening room for new content on PCs or Macs and tablets and smartphones; and totally secure mobile access to all synchronised media files.

“We worked closely with EuropaCorp and Universal to design a solution that would meet the needs of the industry,” says Reda. “We double-checked every function and feature with them. We have competitors who share video and media management, but there is nothing else that specialises in film promotion.

“A team of 11 people worked for about eight months to develop the solution. We hope it’s going to be the first platform people use when dealing movies, and we hope M³ can be essential for film viewings for both independent film companies and studios.”

M³ allows users to track their contacts, and provides precise analytics on their activity—such as who has watched your lineup, which part has been watched and how many times—while keeping your content completely secure.

“Security is important to our customers,” Reda says. “Indeed, Fox and Universal tested us by trying to access our systems and content, but were ultimately unsuccessful.”

Media Mobile Manager is already used by some of the biggest studios in the world, but AppQuartz has made their technology available to independent content producers as well.

“We have sold our enterprise solution to the majors (Gaumont, Universal, Europacorp, Fox, Pathé, UGC, etc), but we have also recently launched a cloud-based solution, which is very affordable,” Reda explains. “We’re able to do that because we use a mutualized app, administrative website and screening room for all distributors, because it’s not dedicated or branded. It can work for independents as much as it works for majors.” •

To schedule an appointment with Media Mobile Manager at the European Film Market 2013, visit their corporate website here.