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The Heat – review

Released: July 31, 2013
Reviewed by: Katherine McLaughlin

Melissa McCarthy shines alongside her partner Sandra Bullock as they have real fun skewing the buddy cop routine as Mullins and Ashburn. There’s a real chemistry between the two that complements Katie Dippold’s witty script. Sticking to formula, Dippold lovingly plays with clichés and traits of the genre to great effect.

The real charm comes from its leading ladies, who spark off one another, whether they’re arguing over how to question a suspect or bonding over beers and shots, their relationship oozes congeniality. McCarthy’s unquestionable talent for physical comedy and improvisation marks this performance as her best yet. With her cheeky demeanour and well-timed delivery, she makes munching on a pepper the new banana up a tail pipe.

Though Bullock doesn’t get to have as much fun, playing the typical uptight cop disliked by all her colleagues, she does play her role with a very knowing sensibility. After initial hardships are overcome and the two find common ground trying to crack a case a superb sweetness and satisfaction comes from the well-written female bonding scenes. When Bullock does let loose it’s all the more amusing to watch. Great one-liners, a superb soundtrack featuring the instantly recognisable tones of Azealia Banks, and a fine supporting cast, including the wonderful Jane Curtain as Mullins’ foul-mouthed mother, makes for an entirely winning combination.

The Heat is extremely funny, candid and unafraid to be just as offensive as its male predecessors.

4 stars


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