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3D tech company RealD Inc. partner with Bulgarian cinema exhibitors –

RealD 3D technology will initially be installed across 44 Kino Arena screens, including all seven screens of the flagship Kino Arena, which is expected to open at Bulgaria Mall on 21 December, 2012.

“Kino Arena is committed to offering audiences a premium cinema-going experience. The installation of RealD’s 3D technology will allow us to continue to deliver the brightest visuals and best cinematic experience for our customers,” said Bojidar Iliev, Managing Director, Kino Arena.

Karina Neill, Director of Cinema RealD Europe Ltd. said: “With our brightness advantage over other 3D systems, RealD is able to deliver the lifelike and immersive 3D cinema experience that Kino Arena demands.  This agreement adds to our growing install base across Europe as we continue to provide premium visual experiences for the cinema market.”

Kino Arena currently operates 10 cinema locations, across 6 major cities, with a total of 77 screens including two standalone multiplexes with the country’s biggest cinema auditoriums.

RealD has spread to become the world’s most widely used 3D cinema technology with approximately 21,500 screens equipped with RealD 3D by approximately 900 exhibitors in 68 countries around the world.