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Andrew Hardwick (Producing)

Originally from Australia, Andrew Hardwick has made London his home since the early 1990s. As a line producer, Andrew has been BIFA nominated for Achievement in Production over two consecutive years for SHIFTY, currently causing a stir in the UK film community, and EXTRAORDINARY RENDITION. Andrew has also worked on the Australian western THE PROPOSITION. He has recently joined The Production Guild of Great Britain and is currently shooting Film London’s latest Microwave feature, FREESTYLE.

What kind of projects attract you?
Strong storytelling—a great script is always the key! I’m drawn to contemporary issues with complicated, engaging characters, and which have an even balance of humour and conflict. Executing a production at low-budget level, it’s crucial to collaborate with like-minded filmmakers who can bring equity (pull favours, credibility with industry peers) to the project. Nothing tops a hard working cast and crew humming along, achieving their goals. It’s possible for low-budget productions to be ambitious. They require ingenuity and clever preparation from key personnel. And a fair share of confidence, insomnia and perspiration.

You can produce the film of your dreams. What and who would that entail?
A surprise hit—a rare gem that attracts little attention during production that, on general release, reaches the tipping point and becomes a box office smash. It would be compulsory that the film locations have ample sunshine and long shooting days. Oh, and working with the talented Gael García Bernal…

What’s the best advice you’ve been given as a producer?
Find a cracking script. It’s obvious—but it has always been, and remains, the key ingredient. At the low budget level of filmmaking, there’s never enough money to go around—so keeping everything real and tight is crucial. With no time (or energy) for politics or department rivalry, creating a confident spirit of team play is a necessity. It’s crucial to have good catering and locations in close proximity to unit base, because you’re nothing without a contented cast and crew.

Most significant moment in your career so far?
Returning to Australia and shooting THE PROPOSITION (as part of the UK team) in the outback of my home state of Queensland (although that wasn’t low-budget).

You’ll die happy when…
I’ve left a body of work that’s had critical acclaim, made people think—hopefully laugh a bit—and made its money back, with a little left over for my retirement!

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