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From online, web-based screenplay formatting software by LA based outfit, to story development tools from the folks at Darc Productions, and the best in film-related clothing from the one and only Last Exit to Nowhere (including the ultimate London screening room map), we look at the latest tools for the industry.


Launched towards the end of 2009,, a web-based professional screenplay formatting software for feature films, television and stage plays-has quickly developed into a credible challenger to traditional screenwriting applications. Offering all the elements of boxed scriptwriting software, including industry-standard formatting, story development tools and a library of pre-formatted script templates, Screenwriting Pro has the added benefit of a feature-rich desktop-like experience that allows users to access their scripts from any computer with online access, anywhere in the world. “Screenwriting Pro represents a huge step forward for writers and filmmakers,” says Jesse Douma, Screenwriting Pro founder. “With no software to install and no technical matters like upgrades to deal with, Screenwriting Pro frees users to focus on what really matters: writing the screenplay.” As the software is web-based, users always have access to their latest draft through their password-protected accounts. They can also easily resume work on scripts offline with Screenwriting Pro’s desktop companion, which will automatically sync their desktop work with their online script next time they log in. Screenwriting Pro formats screenplays as users type and, best of all, will print their industry standard script exactly as created on screen. RRP: Currently free while in beta. Pay As You Write subscriptions from $4.95/ month, or $49/ayear are

Film Fashion – Last Exit To Nowhere

Whether you are looking to impress at your next audition with  your knowledge of film, or just want to indulge your passion for all things film-related, the range of seriously cool clothing from the boys at Last Exit To Nowhere may be be just what you’re looking for this summer. Described in the press from Australia to the USA as ‘the greatest T-shirt company on the web’, Last Exit To Nowhere are the stuff of legend. Forget the predictable movie merchandise found at markets; their range of T-shirts and hooded tops make intelligent and subtle references to your favourite films, while being stylish designs in their own right. From logos like The Paper Street Soap Company (Fight Club) and Dapper Dan hair wax (O Brother, Where Art Thou?) to more oblique references like Abe Froman: Sausage King of Chicago (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off), Last Exit To Nowhere allude to the wearer’s knowledge, as well as their taste in films; an approach which has made them a favourite with celebrities and fans alike. Anyone for a drink at The Winchester Tavern? Check out the fantastic range at

MovieOutline 3.1 Released

The newest version of popular scriptwriting application Movie Outline has just been released, packed full of over 100 new features and improvements. Now included is the ability to open and save Final Draft®8 documents, import from PDF and export to production management programmes like Movie Magic™ Scheduling and Gorilla. New document-sharing features make working with writing partners and production managers across platforms a breeze, and the software’s unique ability to open PDF files in their native format will prove beneficial for those writers wishing to import and analyse the many shooting scripts now freely available on the web. This latest release also adds automatic scene numbering, character speech count, improved support for international users and integration with script registration and submission services from Hollywood Script Express. By far the most powerful new feature in Movie Outline 3.1 is Full Script Mode, which allows you to edit a script while retaining a project’s step structure, giving writers the flexibility of choosing a writing methodology to suit them. With Full Script Mode, you can now step outline while at the same time view and organise your full script and index cards as steps or scenes, and navigate a screenplay via the new Scene List feature. RRP: A free update to v3.1 is available to existing Version 3 users while registered users of earlier versions can upgrade for the discounted price of $49/£30


Screening Room Map

London’s most comprehensive listing of professional screening rooms is now available as a new pocket-sized fold-out map from Pocket Films, an innovative independent publisher of film and cinema guides. Designed to offer a portable complement to the online directory at, the updated 2010 Screening Room Map is ideal for anyone looking to hire a screening room or cinema in London. From intimate 10-seater screening rooms offering video projection, to grand multiplex cinemas with 3D capabilities, HD projectors and Dolby surround sound, the Screening Room Map offers an indispensable addition to any filmmaker’s arsenal of useful industry contacts. Missing your copy of this handy resource from this issue of movieScope? Visit to request your free copy.

One Fat Cigar Free Trial Offer, the recently launched website helping filmmakers promote their work, has joined forces with movieScope to offer readers a free eight-week premium membership trial to their site. Described as ‘Facebook for film meets IMDb’, the site allows filmmakers to cast and crew projects, upload CVs/showreels and network with other film industry professionals. Where this site differs from others is that it also provides an opportunity for film fans to go behind the scenes on projects (for free) as they shoot. This in turn allows filmmakers to begin marketing their productions from an embryonic stageusing video blogs, status updates, trailers, cast and crew bios, filmographies etc.-and in turn build a potentially large fan base by the time of release. To date, more than 600 filmmakers have signed up with 44 feature film projects in various stages of production. Free trial registration available at:

Streamline for Screenwriter 6

Ever ended up with a script that is just a few pages too long? Streamline™ is an ingenious software add-on for Movie Magic Screenwriter 6, which helps writers shorten their scripts without cheating on margins, font size or line spacing. It does this is by scouring the script word by word, looking for places that could benefit from a bit of fine-tuning. Streamline then collates and prioritises the results, offering you a choice of alternate suggestions and synonyms. Streamline can even make multiple passes through your script, thereby maximising the potential for reducing the document’s page count, so giving your screenplay the extra polish you need prior to sending it out. Requires: Movie Magic Screenwriter (6.0.4 or greater) for Macintosh. Streamline for Windows is in development with a release date as yet to be announced. RRP: $39.95




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