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Rob Hurtt (Low Budget filmmaker)

Rob Hurtt was born in Newcastle upon Tyne but has lived most of his life in London and Manchester. After playing bass guitar in a band, he graduated into acting and had a role in the cult English horror film The Thirteenth Sign. Hurtt then threw himself into writing, producing and directing well-received short films, including Come Outside, Wave and Soho Sunset. These shorts have been screened all over the UK, Canada and the United States. Hurtt has recently completed a screenplay for a horror feature, Weir Inn Estate, with co-writer Eamon Wyse, and will next be directing the short film I Remember April.

What training have you received?
I studied Music Production at Salford University, then took acting and improvisation classes from Charles Verrall in London. Writing-wise , I have had a great script editor, Gorel Halstrom, worked closely with the Script Factory and have also had the pleasure of working with two fantastic directors of photography, Kyle Heslop and Gavin Fry.

Does your budget limit what you can explore in your films?
It’s inevitable that it would, even if it was a huge budget. The imagination always exceeds the end results, but I am fairly happy that I have explored some interesting worlds so far and will continue to do so whatever the budget.

What’s the best advice you’ve been given as a lowbudget filmmaker?

“Just go for it” from Ken Loach’s longtime producer, Rebecca O’ Brien, and “Whatever happens, keep making films” from Michael Palin. I have been blessed with some very hard-working and talented crews and actors and I always listened to their advice too.

Most significant moment in your career so far…?
Getting good feedback from the aforementioned and also from Ricky Gervais. My parents both died a few years ago and this definitely kick-started my desire to get on with the work as well. There’s nothing like death as a reminder to us to get on with our lives.

You’ll die happy when…
I’m really not happy about dying but in my lifetime I aim to achieve the brilliance of such films as The Shining, Mulholland Drive, Jacob’s Ladder and Brazil, to name just a few



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