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Best iPhone Accessories

Best iPhone Accessories


Our pick of some of the best filmmaking accessories for your smartphone.


mCAMLITE iPhone Camera Enhancer
Action Life Media, designers of the original camera enhancement kits for the iPhone, have updated their popular mCAM range of products and accessories to accommodate the increasingly popular use of the iPhone by videographers, reporters and low-budget filmmakers as a portable, cost-effective HD image-capture tool. Shaped from a single piece of aluminium, the mCAMLITE’s design and weight offers a stabilising frame for shake-free shots, while simultaneously protecting your iPhone when shooting on the go. Also included in the kit is: a set of interchangeable lenses (a 37mm wide angle and macro lens combination); a silicon case for fitting the device into the mCAM frame; a 180-degree external microphone for directional sound capture; four 1/4-20 mounts for third-party accessories (monopods, tripods, dollies); and a single cold shoe mount for attaching lights or a professional quality microphone such as the RØDE Stereo VideoMic Pro. Additional accessories, including lens adapters, mounts and dollies, are available online.

Available for: iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy 3.
RRP £79


olloclip – 3-in-one lens system for iPhone
An easy-to-use, hugely popular multi-lens attachment which fits over the corner of an iPhone to offer three capable lenses (macro, wide-angle and fisheye) in one lightweight lens system. Switching between lenses requires no more effort than sliding the unit off the corner of the iPhone, flipping it over and then reattaching it. Lenses align automatically with the camera and remain snugly in place until removed.

Available For iPhone 4/4S or 5, in black, red or white.
RRP From £59

Manfrotto KLYP ML240 – LED light unit for iPhone
Manfrotto, a name synonymous with professional video-support systems and camera-stabilising products for the motion-picture industry, has made a foray into the lucrative iPhone accessories market with their solution to poorly-lit iPhone photos and videos. Built around a specially designed two-part polycarbonate iPhone case featuring Manfrotto’s proprietary rail system, the KLYP makes it easy to either attach a variety of accessories to your iPhone—including Manfrotto’s own LED light units and pocket table tripod—or for it to be fitted to a third-party tripod or other camera support.

Available for iPhone 4/4S
RRP From £24.95 (case only) to £94.95



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