creative england names two more ifeatures moviescope

Creative England names two more iFeatures – movieScope

All three films will be made later this year, each with a budget of £350,000. The projects were chosen through a highly competitive process that attracted almost 400 submissions, which were whittled down to 16, then eight and finally, through a nine-month development process, to the final three projects.

This low-budget development, production and training initiative, partnered by BBC Films, BFI Film Fund, and Creative Skillset, exemplifies Creative England’s commitment to first and second-time feature filmmakers, and to fresh, imaginative stories that speak to a wider international audience. iFeatures2 is a national version of the original iFeatures, which saw three films set and made in Bristol, including the recently released Flying Blind directed by Katarzyna Klimkiewicz produced by Alison Sterling, and starring Helen McCrory.

Tristan Goligher, iFeatures Executive Producer, said, “Across a diverse slate featuring violent misanthropy, summer-stewed sexual tension, and unabashed pop culture, the three iFeatures2 films have one clear common thread – singularity of voice. Alex Taylor’s Spaceship, and Guy Myhill’s The Goob will, alongside Martin Radich’s Norfolk, provide a cinematic and curious discourse on what it means to live in England today.”

Tristan continues, “The development process of iFeatures2 is based on a lab concept. This gives us the opportunity to provide not just story development, but also a forum to share the experiences of many industry experts, which can develop the projects as a whole. Perhaps even more importantly it brings together a collection of highly talented, enthusiastic film makers, who have supported each other on their way to becoming the next wave of UK cinematic talent.”

Chris Collins, Senior Executive in the BFI Film Fund comments: “iFeatures offers a great opportunity for filmmakers with distinctive visions to bring diverse new stories to the screen – and Alex, Guy and Martin perfectly fit the bill. We’re looking forward to seeing their ideas realised as the films now prepare to enter production.”

Creative England is taking producers Lee Groombridge and Mike Elliott of The Goob along with Nicola Bowen for Spaceship to Cannes this month to meet international producers.

The executive producers for all three films are Christopher Moll, Creative England’s Head of Talent, Steve Jenkins for BBC Films, Chris Collins, Senior Executive, BFI Film Fund and Tristan Goligher, iFeatures Executive Producer.

Capturing a sense of place with their imaginative and compelling stories, these films aim to challenge, move and entertain audiences across the world. A flagship initiative for Creative England, iFeatures has already established itself as a natural home for some of the UK’s most distinctive up and coming filmmaking talent.




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