david lynch to fund documentary with artwork

– . – David Lynch to fund documentary with artwork


David Lynch to fund documentary with artwork

A new documentary about David Lynch will be financed by online contributions by fans, who in return will receive a limited edition artwork created by the visionary director himself.

Lynch has donated a unique self-portrait to the production team behind the project, copies of which will be sent to fans in return for a donation of $50 towards the film’s production costs.

Donors will also become ‘members’ of the pioneering LYNCHthree project and as such, receive regular newsletter updates about the film in addition to being given the opportunity to further share in the filmmaking process by gaining access to exclusive footage once filming has commenced.

LYNCHthree is a fully independent project and the third in a trilogy of films about the enigmatic director behind such classic films as Mulholland Drive, Blue Velvet and Wild at Heart. LYNCH (one) was cut from 700 hours of footage gathered over two years following the director as he completed his last film, Inland Empire, and a “behind the scenes” account of that film formed the second instalment of the trilogy, LYNCH 2.

LYNCHthree is from the same director as the previous films in the trilogy, who goes by the pseudonym ‘blackANDwhite’, he comments:

“This new form of financing is unique as it allows filmmakers the opportunity to make the films they want to make without the constraints placed on them by the traditional system.  We have waited three years to begin the final segment in the LYNCH series and we hope that people are excited to be a part of our journey.”

Producer Jon Nguyen adds: “LYNCHthree benefits both financially and artistically from the online project through its dialogue with David’s fans. There are so many questions that we would like to ask David, and building a network of his fans allows us to hear what they would like to ask him if they could hold the camera.”




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