free screenplays day 4

– . – Free Screenplays – Day 4


Free Screenplays – Day 4

4 days, 50 screenplays. Here are today’s 15 new titles:

Today’s BONUS article:

Script Talk: ‘Character Study’
Screenwriting expert Julie Gray reveals her methods for ensuring that character remains the rightful focus of any screenplay. Taken from movieScope Magazine, ‘The Actor’s Issue’ #16 (March/April 2010)
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The Birds
The English Patient
The Abyss
Kramer vs Kramer
The Godfather
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
American Beauty
Lord of The Rings: Fellowship Of The Ring
Chinatown (Step Sheet)
Up In The Air
The White Ribbon


BONUS article 2: Ask the Agent: ‘More Than Words’

Literary agent and movieScope magazine contributor, Julian Friedmann reveals why a writer should look beyond the script.
Taken from movieScope Magazine, ‘The Cinematography Issue’ #17 (May/ June 2010)
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