Industry professionals needed to advise on rapid change in film production – |

The consultation will give people working in the industry the chance to share their insight into the key skills that are needed to work successfully in the industry.

Creative Skillset research shows an industry employee needs to be more than simply an expert in one particular creative field; employees must also understand how to create, market and distribute content across a range of channels, but they want this information collaborated by people working at the coalface of the industry.

Creative Skillset’s chief executive Dinah Caine, said: “At a time when a third of employers in the film and TV industries are reporting a skills gap in their workforce, these Standards are essential to ensure the industry is supported by qualifications that provide the most relevant and up-to-date skills possible.”

Knowledge gleaned from the study will be used to help shape the development of qualifications such as the Advanced Apprenticeship in Creative and Digital Media and degree courses ensuring the next generation of film and TV professionals is equipped with the most relevant and up to date skills when they enter the industry.

Standards can also be used to help individuals and businesses with organisational development; recruitment and selection; job descriptions and specifications and identifying training needs and transferable skills for career development.




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