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Kate Reid – One To Watch


After graduating from the National Film and Television School, Kate shot second unit on Pathe’s Africa United and the independent British feature Blooded. She has also shot numerous award-winning shorts, as well as broadcast documentaries and commercials. Before attending film school, Kate worked as a camera assistant on features including Batman Begins, Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow and The Brothers Grimm.

What training have you received?
I studied cinematography at the NFTS, which is a really practical course, and I learnt from some fantastic cinematographers during this time. Working as a camera assistant prior to film school was also invaluable training in developing an understanding of the industry. As part of my undergraduate degree I spent a year at UCSC studying film and photography, which was a brilliant opportunity to play around with film and video and discover whether it was something I had a talent for.

What kinds of projects attract you?
I  am often drawn towards character-led films where the action may be quite minimal; when you have a great performance and all the elements come together with that, it can be utterly captivating. The films that I find most gratifying to watch as a viewer, are often those which shine a light on human behaviour and allow me to see a situation or experience in a different way. That said, I recently shot an ambitious action sci-fi film which I relished because it was unlike anything I had done before.

What’s the best advice you’ve been given as a cinematographer?
Trust your gut. And follow your heart. The latter one wasn’t in relation to cinematography, but it still applies.


Tell us the most significant moment in your career so far. 
Seeing my first film Blooded on the big screen was a really exciting moment and so too was working on Africa United. I think there are lots of significant moments that build a career, and often it’s only in hindsight that I have appreciated just how important an experience was.

You’ll die happy when…  
I’ve made a film that I feel 100 per cent happy with!

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