moustaches the key to great marketing

– . – Moustaches: the key to great marketing

Moustaches: the key to great marketing


When trying to get your film noticed by festivals, it probably doesn’t hurt to mention that it was conceived by and stars one half of the band Fall Out Boy. Nonetheless, the campaign behind ‘Moustachette‘ is a pretty slick concept to get a film into festivals using an internet-generated grass roots campaign.

Devised and directed by Patrick Stump, the film centres around Casper (Yellowcard’s Ryan Key), a self-absorbed, talentless artist and creator of ridiculous portrait ‘Moustachette’, who truly believes he is the next best thing. As Casper preens, his gormless friend Eugene (Stump) watches from the sidelines of his own life as his girlfriend cheats on him and Casper uses him as a mirror to bask in his reflected glory.  Look out for Pete Wentz too, playing a slap-happy writer.

I won’t give any more of the story away, as no one has seen it yet. The whole idea is to get people logging on to the site, joining the forums and going interactive by submitting fan art and sending in pictures of items and pictures that have been ’stasched’ with special moustache-shaped stickers that are provided by campaign promoters. Once the hype has been generated, the idea is that people power will get the film into as many festivals as possible, and that people will go en masse to their local festivals to see it.

It’s a nifty idea, and if the 6,120 followers on Twitter are to be believed, a pretty effective one too.