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Robert Daniel Lowe – One To Watch


Robert Daniel Lowe is a stage, television and film actor. Among his many theatre roles is that of Fleance in Macbeth, and he has also been seen in a multitude of television programmes includingPrimevalDoctorsBritain’s Boy Soldiers and Secret Smile and films such as Mrs Ratcliffe’s Revolution and Shoot on Sight. In 2010 he graduated from Brian Timoney Actor’s Studio, and recently appeared at Human Zoo at the Courtyard Theatre, Hoxton.

What training have you received?
I spent a lot of time believing that, because I was working, I didn’t need training. I think this was driven by a fear of being put into an environment where my performance would be open to scrutiny within a group. Eventually there came a point where I thought if I wanted to get better at maths, I’d study maths; why is acting any different? I trained for a year at the Brian Timoney Actor’s Studio in London and at the Bernard Hiller studio in LA. Brian has an incredible ability to help you identify and overcome what’s holding you back in order to improve. His advice and insight has been priceless. Bernard was a force of nature, I’ll never forget when he told us ‘You’re not your current situation, you are your possibilities.’ I could feel people looking at themselves differently immediately.

What kind of roles attract you?
I love the variety of parts available. It could be for a feature or a low/no budget film, you don’t know where someone will be in the future and the short filmmakers of today are the feature filmmakers of tomorrow. When you get the opportunity to play these parts, you’re living someone’s life changing moments. It’s such a privilege.

What’s the best advice that you’ve been given as an actor?
Be positive, persevere and enjoy the journey.

Tell us the most significant moment in your career so far
When I realised this was something I would be doing forever. I was 12 and playing Young Pip in my school production of Great Expectations. The surge of excitement on getting a part hasn’t changed. When I get the call, I usually find a quiet place to bounce about, knowing I’ll have the chance to meet, work and learn from another large group of talented people. Earning that opportunity is for me one of the greatest feelings and an honour.

You’ll die happy when…
I’m old, I hope!