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Rotolight ANOVA LED EcoFlood



Rotolight, leaders in the field of innovative LED lighting, have launched the ANOVA EcoFlood, a computer controlled bi-colour LED floodlight able to deliver 1,000-watt (tungsten equivalent) output on a power consumption of just 38 watts.

With 93 per cent more energy efficiency than traditional tungsten lighting, the ANOVA can accurately reproduce any colour of white light, from candlelight through to full daylight (3,150 kelvin to 6,300 kelvin), and features a super-wide 110-degree beam angle that replaces hard shadows and hotspots with a soft, shadowless ‘ringlight’ output.

Designed for both studio and location environments, the ANOVA is highly portable (at just 2.6kg) and equipped with a V-lock plate for battery operation of up to 3 hours at 100 per cent power. The ANOVA can be used singly or as a linked array, with users able to control each unit locally via wired DMX or remotely via Wi-Fi using an iPhone or iPad, thanks to Rotolight’s patented Magic Eye APP technology. The ANOVA joins Rotolight’s popular RL48 LED series of LED ringlights and represents the first product from the new AlphaNova series of lighting products currently in development.

RRP: £1,499.00/$2,399.00 / @rotolight



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