sony announce new 35mm digital production line up

– . – Sony announce new 35mm Digital Production line-up


Sony announce new 35mm Digital Production line-up


Sony Professional today announced a breakthrough for filmmakers with the launch of the all new PMW-F3 camcorder to join their existing line-up of Super 35mm sensor, PL-mounted offerings.

Designed for television, commercials, music promos and budget features or as a 2nd unit 35mm camera, the F3 is offered at a price point to bring Super 35mm shooting within reach of a wider audience. The F3 is also clearly aimed at the HD-DSLR market and addresses many of the image quality issues inherent in shooting on DSLR’s.

First deliveries of the PMW-F3 are scheduled for January 2011.


Also creating a buzz at the European event in London today was Sony’s announcement and showing of a new camcorder, the NXCAM (pictured below) Since this is still in prototype, details are limited but expect delivery sometime in 2011.




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