updates on indy 5 the hobbit and star trek sequel

– . – Updates on Indy 5, The Hobbit and Star Trek Sequel


Updates on Indy 5, The Hobbit and Star Trek Sequel


Movie website Dark Horizons has published a neat round-up of the status of several high-profile projects.

First off, Shia LaBeouf has been talking about the state of the fifth Indiana Jones movie, which is currently being written.”I got called into Steven [Spielberg’s] office,” he told Showbiz Spy, “And he pitched a little bit to me. And it sounds crazy, it sounds really cool.”

Secondly, The Dominion Post reports that Peter Jackson has told them that Warner Bros is “making progress untangling the MGM situation, so we should have certainty with The Hobbit sometime soon,” and that he is confident that “there should be certainty about whether he would direct.”

Finally, it seems that Lost producer Damon Lindelof has spoken to E! Online about Star Trek 2, telling them he’s looking at Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight as a major inspiration, and that he wants his script for Trek to “thematically resonate.”




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