The Black List launches screenplay upload service – |

Founders Franklin Leonard and Dino Sijamic announced that screenwriters can pay $25 a month to have their scripts hosted on The Black List’s website, accessible only by a closed community of Hollywood professionals, or they can further pay $50 for an evaluation by up to 1000 anonymous script doctor hired by The Black List.

Over 200 scripts to have appeared on the annual Black List have been developed and produced, making over $16B in worldwide box office receipts and earning 148 Academy Award-nominations between them.

Recent examples of Black List scripts include Tom Hooper’s The King’s Speech and Alexander Payne’s The Descendants, as well as Juno – written by Diablo Cody – and Lynne Ramsay’s new film Jane Got a Gun.

In a statement on the Black List website, co-founder Sijamic said: ”If you write scripts, think of it as a screenplay contest with rolling admission and as many prizes as there are good scripts. If you turn good scripts into movies, think of it as the most efficient way to find them. Either way, we think you’re going to like it.

“If you’re a writer, you’ll be able to pay a small monthly fee (probably $30/month) to make your script available to our industry membership. You’ll also be able to pay (probably $50 each) for brief evaluations from our team of professional (though anonymous) script readers, so that we can direct your script into the right hands.

“Unlike other similar opportunities, you’ll still own your script and be free to negotiate its sale with and to whomever you like for whatever price you like.”




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