free screenplays day 1

– . – Free Screenplays – Day 1


Free Screenplays – Day 1

This week’s TIP #1: Read Screenplays – as many as possible.

While books about the theory and methodology of screenwriting have their place, the best way to learn about screenwriting, is to read screenplays – as many as possible.

Here are your first 10 screenplays to download today for FREE. Just click on the title below to download.

Blade Runner
Taxi Driver
Basic Instinct
The Usual Suspects
Toy Story
When Harry Met Sally
The Matrix

Bonus Script: To Catch A Thief

The only investment you need to make, is your time.

REMEMBER: Over the next 5 days, we’ll send you links to a further 50 classic and contemporary screenplays, also available right here on movieScope.

Read them. Dissect them. Learn from them. And enjoy.

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