academy chief promises truly different oscars

– . – Academy chief promises “truly different” Oscars


Academy chief promises “truly different” Oscars

Source: Hollywood Reporter

Promising an Oscar show that will be “truly different,” Academy president Sid Ganis used the annual Nominees Luncheon to put this year’s awards hopefuls on notice.

Teasingly withholding actual specifics, Ganis on Monday warned that “it’s going to be a show that takes some risks.” Speaking directly to the actors, he warned, “Your categories are being presented in a completely different way. Heads up.”

Turning to the entire room full of 112 nominees gathered at the Beverly Hilton’s International Ballroom, he added, “Cinematographers, editors, composers. All of you guys. You’re in for a big surprise.”

In hopes of stemming a ratings decline, the Academy has enlisted a new team, headed by producer Laurence Mark and exec producer Bill Condon, to give the 81st annual Academy Awards a makeover. ABC will broadcast the show live from the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood on Feb. 22.