free screenplays day 3

– . – Free Screenplays – Day 3


Free Screenplays – Day 3

Day 3, and 15 more screenplay downloads. Built your own library of screenplays which you can reference over and over again at your leisure.

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The Fugitive
The Matrix
The Breakfast Club
Pirates of The Caribbean
Die Hard
As Good As It Gets
Rebel Without A Cause
The Maltese Falcon
Ferris Buellers Day Off
Pretty Woman
Barry Lyndon
Being John Malkovich


Today’s BONUS article: Script Talk: ‘Writing Visually’
Creative Screenwriting Magazine’s associate editor, Danny Munso, explains why it’s essential for writers to include their vision for the film in their script.
Taken from movieScope Magazine, ‘The Cinematography Issue’ #17 (May/ June 2010)
Read the article right here at

BONUS article 2. Ask the Agent: ‘Acting The Part’
Literary agent and movieScope magazine contributor, Julian Friedmann looks at the dynamic between writers and actors. Taken from movieScope Magazine, ‘The Actor’s Issue’ #16 (March/April 2010)