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Founded in 2008, French visual effects and motion graphics agency Digital District has built up an impressive body of work over just four years, having

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Mick Southworth and Martin McCabe present the second instalment in their three-part guide to making and selling an independent film. Tweet So as

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Stereographer Chris Parks takes us behind the scenes of his craft and explains why, with 3D becoming a staple of modern cinema, his role is becoming es

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After receiving BAFTA nominations for his 2003 debut American Cousins, Sergio Casci has immersed himself in writing for the big and small screens. But,

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Creative Screenwriting magazine Senior Editor, Danny Munso, debates the reasons for and against writing your script with a particular movie star in min

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BAFTA-nominated titles designers Nic Benns and Miki Kato of Momoco take us behind the the art of creating eye-catching opening credits. Tweet Que

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Walter Murch – The Sound of the Apocalypse – movieScope

Apocalypse Now is legendary for many reasons: a troubled shoot, amazing performances and its awesome scale. It’s also the film that revolutionised cine