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iPhone apps for filmmakers: Editing

With the growing popularity of the Apple iPhone and now the iPad, we continue to profile the newest apps for filmmakers. This issue includes the best editing and VFX apps for the iPhone, plus the latest screenwriting app to cross over from iPhone to iPad.

Final Cut Pro Field Guide (Reference)
The latest offering from Academy Award—winning Hollywood video training centre Moviola Studios is a must-have for anyone working with Final Cut Pro. As a pocket reference to one of the most popular professional editing packages, it is packed with information to help troubleshoot a wide range of FCP issues, including audio sync problems, dropped frames, waveform and thumbnail re-draw issues, and much more. The Pro Field Guide also offers full editorial workflows for new and emerging technologies including RED, P2 and HD DSLR cameras, a searchable listing of all Final Cut Pro keyboard shortcuts and links to related software and hardware resources.
Requires: iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad with OS3.0 or later
Price: £2.39/$3.99 www.moviolastudios.com

ReelDirector (Video Editor)
Voted Best App on Apple’s Rewind 2009 list, this ReelDirector app is another firmly targeted at the prosumer. Recently updated to offer compatibility with the HD video output (640×480) of the iPhone 4, ReelDirector offers a drag-and-drop timeline, multiple text watermark styles and an easy-to-navigate interface to turn your video clips into polished movies in minutes. The original 10 pro-grade transitions featured in early releases have been increased to 28, each with a number of variations. Audio options are also well supported, allowing you to record voiceovers or import and mix music files from your computer to create soundtracks for your project, ready to be shared via email or saved using the Camera Roll feature.
Requires: Compatible iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad with OS3.1 or later (iOS 4.0 Tested)
Price: £2.39/$3.99 www.nexvio.com

1stVideo (Video Editor)
Described as a broadcast studio in the palm of your hand, 1stVideo allows the user to quickly and easily record, edit and send broadcast-and podcast ready video, direct from your iPhone. The app features a slick interface, excellent multi-track audio-editing tools and intuitive scrubbing, supporting a video output resolution of up to 640×480. You can create clips from multiple audio and video sources with the touch of a finger and then arrange your clips into the desired order, using 1stVideo’s unique Bungee Block interface, ready to be shared by email or wirelessly. Training videos are available at www.vericorder. com/first-video
Requires: iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 with iOS 3.1 or later
Price: £5.99/$9.99 www.vericorder.com

CinemaFX for Video (Video Effects)
New from Nexvio Inc. comes CinemaFX, a comprehensive video-effects app. You can select from the two included effects packs to give your video the Hollywood glamour treatment, or purchase the add on packs to go back in time and create a retro 8mm home-movie look, or a 1920s ‘dust and scratch’ look. Over 50 effects are possible with this app, including some surprisingly convincing effects such as Surveillance Cam, Heat Vision and Night Vision. CinemaFX also supports multiple export resolutions of up to 640×480 on iPhone 3GS and 720p on iPhone 4, and offers a direct upload to YouTube (full HD on iPhone 4) or share-by-email facility for easy distribution of edited clips.
Requires: iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 with iOS 4.0 or later
Price: £1.49/$1.99 Add-on packs: £0.69/$0.99 each www.nexvio.com

Scripts Pro (Screenwriting)
At last, an easy-to-use screenwriting application for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad which supports .FDX (Final Draft v8) and .CELTX files. Just like regular desktop screenwriting applications, Scripts Pro makes use of the TAB key to easily switch and navigate between script elements like action, dialogue and scene heading. The interface is uncluttered, mimicking the functionality and look of mainstream screenwriting packages. Features include title page creation, scene editing and re-ordering, character edit and rename, a preview mode, an import/export facility, restore/ backup mode and the ability to distribute your work via email.
Requires: iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad with OS3.0 or later
Price: £3.99/$5.99 www.scriptsapp.com