plus camerimage 2011 call for submissions

– . – Plus Camerimage 2011 call for submissions

Plus Camerimage 2011 call for submissions

PLUS CAMERIMAGE 2011 have opened their selection process for the competitions of the 19th edition of the International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography and invite authors, filmmakers, producers, film schools and distributors to submit their films and music videos for selection.

PLUS CAMERIMAGE is the biggest international film festival devoted to the creation of a film image by the cinematographers. The aim of the competitions being a part of the Festival is to present films and music videos of high visual values. The presented works will be judged by panels of international Jury who will grant the winners our prestigious awards.

The Festival’s program will include:

Main Competition (fiction films)
Student Etudes Competition (fiction etudes)
Polish Films Competition under the patronage of Plus network operator (fiction films)
Documentary Films Competition:
Short Films – up to 60 minutes running time
Feature Length Films – more than 60 minutes running time
Music Videos Competition
Feature Debuts Competition
Directors’ Debuts
Cinematographers’ Debuts

If you are considering entering the competition, please read the Rules of the competitions available HERE.

Film submissions can be done by filling out the following online entry forms:

Main Competition Entry – Deadline: 5th September 2011
Student Etudes Competition Entry – Deadline: 7th October 2011
Polish Films Competition Entry (Polish version only) – Deadline: 5th September 2011
Documentary Films Competition Entry – Deadline: 30th September 2011
Music Videos Competition Entry – Deadline: 12th September 2011
Feature Debuts Competition – Deadline: 5th September 2011

Entries will be accepted if the required materials specified in the Rules, accompanied by the Entry Number provided in the e-mail submission confirmation, are sent to the Organizer.

The Festival will be held in the city of Bydgoszcz (Poland) from the 26th Nov through 3rd Dec.
More about Bydgoszcz can be found here: or




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