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katherine templarLondon born Katherine was lucky enough to have her professional debut in the West End production of The Woman in Black before extending her work into the realm of film and television. She has tackled a very diverse selection of roles ranging from the epic period drama Elizabeth: The Golden Age to the highly controversial The Human Centipede II. She is currently working on a very exiting mixed film/theatre project with the electric new director Suba Das, which will premiere in the Old Vic Tunnels in July.

What training have you received?
I realised I couldn’t keep away from scripts, plays and the cinema while actually studying Genetics at Oxford University. Realising this was where my heart was I subsequently went on to study acting at Mountview Academy in London, followed by a year in New York studying film at Stella Adler.

What kind of roles attract you?
I am always attracted to roles that will challenge not just myself as an actor but also challenge the viewer. It is exciting to be pushed outside your comfort zone both as an actor and an audience member. If you can truthfully tell a story that leads people think and makes them feel something for the character, whether or not they like them, then I believe you have done work to be proud of.

What’s the best advice that you’ve been given as an actor?
Trust your instincts, be brave in your acting choices and commit 100 per cent. You will do your best work if you leap out not knowing where you may fall…

Tell us the most significant moment in your career so far.
My first professional film role. I went from sitting in my pyjamas scraping together pennies for tea to a trailer on a Working Titles film set within 24 hours. I realised that anything can happen. Things can turn around in a day (in both directions!) and that’s an incredibly exciting—and scary—thought and makes me realise how wonderful this profession is.

You’ll die happy when…
When I have made people think about the world in a new way. And maybe when I have the Oscar in the bathroom…

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