– . – Paranormal Activity Sequel Coming Soon

Paranormal Activity Sequel Coming Soon

Source: Hifix

Low budget horror movie Paranormal Activity was undoubtedly on of the biggest success stories of 2009. Made for a miniscule budget, the straightforward but undeniably creepy premise – that of a home video recording every spooky second of a couple being terrorised by a malevolent spirit in their own home – caught the attention of audiences and propelled it to box office glory.

Given that the financial return to spend ratio was so huge, it’s no surprise that studio Paramount are planning to bring a sequel to the screen as soon as possible. They have hired screenwriter Michael R Perry (TV’s The Dead Zone) and director Kevin Greutert (Saw VI) to develop Paranormal Activity 2 as quickly as possible, with a view to having it alongside the next Saw film in cinemas this Halloween weekend.

Original director Oren Pelli will be producing alongside Jason Blum has said he has a great deal of confidence in Greutert, who edited the first five Saw movies before he took the helm of the sixth. “These guys get it, the fans won’t be disappointed,” Pelli has reportedly promised.

There’s no word on any storyline or an official title; let’s just hope all involved have learned from Book of Shadows: The Blair Witch Project 2, which was rushed out after the huge success of the first film and proved to be a massive load of rubbish.




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