transfer of ukfc responsibilities to bfi film london

– . – Transfer of UKFC responsibilities to BFI & Film London


Transfer of UKFC responsibilities to BFI & Film London

As of today, 1 April 2011, the BFI and Film London take over the responsibilities which formerly lay with the UK Film Council. Creative England has issued the following statement in response.

John Newbigin, Chair of Creative England, says: “Creative England supports the BFI and Film London, as they take on the responsibilities for funding and support for film in the UK from the UK Film Council. We also thank the UK Film Council for its commitment to the English regions over the last decade.

“By setting up the network of regional screen agencies in 2002, the UK Film Council demonstrated that it clearly recognised the importance of local decision making rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach. This bold move empowered the regions, and the agencies have gone on to successfully build talent, skills, businesses, exhibition and audience engagement in their local industries, bringing forward new and exciting voices from all corners of the country.

“We welcome this next iteration as Amanda Nevill and the BFI embark upon a new stage in developing the landscape of British film, and we are pleased to see that experienced producer Iain Smith will be guiding the British Film Commission Advisory Board at Film London. Creative England looks forward to working in partnership with both bodies to support the film industry on the ground locally in the English regions, building on the excellent work of the RSA’s to date, whilst backing the wider spectrum of creative industries.”

About Creative England
Creative England is the new body that will support the growth of the creative industries in England. Once operational in October 2011, it will support the content industries of Film, Television, Games, and Digital and Creative Services. It will be based in three hubs which will operate from Birmingham, Bristol and Manchester, and its activities will cover all the English Regions. For more information visit

The seven regional screen agencies outside London are currently working together to reform into the Creative England network. In the meantime, if you have queries about regional funding, production, locations, skills, training, audience development or exhibition, contact your local regional screen agency, listed at




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